• Clive Wright
    Brand, Strategy, Marketing and Partnerships, Sales

    Clive has a sales, marketing and market research background, including Boots plc, MBL HK, and VISA AP. During more than two decades in Asia, he set up the market research function at VISA AP, ran a boutique digital agency, co-founded a media start-up, and gained experience as a consultant to startups and SMEs.

  • Paul Niederer
    Structure, Due Diligence, Processes and Operations

    Known as crowdfunding’s “Mr Governance”, Paul was the CEO of ASSOB in Australia, a pioneer in equity crowdfunding, for 7+ years. A qualified accountant, he has a background in management consulting, and is an in-demand keynote speaker at crowd funding / sourcing conferences, as well as on blockchain applications.

  • Alexander Knight
    Property, Digital Marketing, Investor Development, Sales

    With a background in publishing, property lead generation, media sales and digital marketing, Alex has significant property industry expertise and relationships, with both developers and investors.

  • John Tan
    Investor and Partner Relations, International Development

    With financial institution experience and contacts in Singapore, China and Hong Kong, John is both a fintech consultant and lecturer, and his views on industry development are respected by both companies and investors.

  • Jayadeep Apte
    Spark Platform, Business Development, Partnerships, Sales

    Jayadeep has over twenty years’ experience of forging partnerships, scaling startups, and building global businesses, in cutting-edge Fintech, Blockchain, and ICT. He has worked in the UK, India and Singapore.